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When you place an order please allow 24 hours for the order to be processed.

Your order will usually be despatched the following working day or once your total order is complete.

If your order cannot be completed; we will notify you via email, giving you the reason why and any possible solutions. Sometimes due to our computer configuration, there is a mismatch between the internet listing and our main inventory.

This sometimes shows as item in stock, when in fact the item is out of stock for that moment. “Out of stock” items are usually replenished within 24 hours.

For ALL UK orders less than 3kg we recommend you select “Royal mail” at checkout. Packages over this weight may be sent by either Royal Mail or UK MAIL.  Items sent via UK Mail are sent under their terms and conditions. UK Mail also operate a zone system for despatch. Mainland England is zone A, Scotland is zone B/C etc, when you checkout you can see

which zone applies to you. Full details relating to UK Mail zones can be found here. All dispatched packages require a recipient signature, and tracking is available for packages sent via Special Delivery and UK Mail. Tarrifs will be displayed at checkout.

For all international orders we will send products via Busines Post, please see view our tariff at checkout.

Shipping fees include: Full postage, packaging and handling. We advise customers to group their orders together as this is more cost effective. We cannot package as one, two separate orders or multiples.

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