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Sealey BOOST START 560 560/95A 12/24V Starter/Charger

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Heavy-duty starter/charger for professional garages, workshops and bodyshops. Features fast-charge timer device to enable rapid battery recovery with reduced risk of boiling the battery. Caters for all requirements from cars right up to commercial vehicles. Large wheels for easy mobility and features analogue ammeter and switchable charge circuitry for accurate charge control.


  • Output: 12/24V
  • Output Charge Peak(EN): 95A(65A)
  • Output Start Peak(EN): 560A(360A)
  • Battery Range: 50-1000Ah
  • Input Charge: 11.5A
  • Input Start: 44A
  • Charging Rates: 6
  • Supply: 230V – 32A Supply

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